7 Mar 2012

Oh mon dieu! Paris diary 2/3

These pictures are taken after dinner in the previous post. Now we went up, to the Sacre-Coeur!

Meanwhile we passed a cat, gently sitting on a windowsill. And of course our animalloving twins where unstoppable and attacked the cat with their care and love.

When we finally reached the top of Montmartre, a breathtaking view of Paris compensated our tired feet. (My tired feet at least. I think Ruby is going to kill me if she hears me complaining about it again.)

Turning away from the lovely view, the Sacre-Coeur showed up in all her glory. We all have been there before on a schooltrip, but now having the time and interest made us look more for the details.
We where gladly surprised that it was still open at 10 p.m. and took a look inside.
Unfortunately taking pictures inside wasn't allowed (it would have disturbed the Mass also). But it was incredibly! Gigantic mosaics with lots of gold leaf, marble columns in all colours you can imagine with all types of capitals. All very Byzantine if you ask me. I wonder how that is possible in the middle of France. I'm gonna ask my architecture-history docent :)
Even the outside has Byzantine details (I think). Like the several domes, columns and floor plan that isn't a Latin cross for example.
And check those gargoyles in the pictures above! Oh, I love gargoyles! :D (waterspuwers in het nederlands)
If you don't know what it is, well they spit out the rainwater to protect the stone of the building. And there monstrous looks are to scare demons. You can see them as little protectors of cathedrals. :)
Look at the green marks! The rain did this by wetting the brass sculpture.
Did you know brass is originally gold-tinted instead of green?
Amazing details...
When walking around we noticed these cute little lights beside the stairs, they where magical.

So that's it for today! I hope you enjoyed this arty and less fashionably post. And I hope you might visit it one day too :)
Au revoir mes amies!
Bisous, Siel

PS Watch the pictures of The Mad Twins here
PPS Ruby made a wonderful little movie of our Paris trip! I hope she'll post it here too :)


  1. Super leuke fotos! Ik hoop dat je het leuk hebt gehad! Leuke jas trouwens:))

  2. loving the flowers on your hair!


  3. the second pic is great! (:

  4. Leuke foto's! Jullie hebben allebei een leuke outfit aan :) ♥


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