13 Mar 2012

While dreaming

 Do you know those periods that you're dreaming almost every night? Well I have it right now. Even this morning I woke up like a zillion times , fell asleep again and had almost every time another dream!

The only one I can remember now is the last one. I went searching for a new flat -which is actually a good idea :) I think I'll go searching later this day- with friend Katrijn. Then I was in a luxury house/hotel with Ruby. And then at their courtyard, making music, while Ruby was dancing. But the weird thing was that my grandparents and aunt where sitting there like an audience. After our performance my aunt and grandfather where discussing with us and telling us it's a shame that we stopped with our hobbies. (While I still play the flute!) I remember I was wondering the fact my grandfather was so clear (from dementia). Then I woke up again and realised my grandfather died last year.
Now I think I somehow replaced my grandmother for my grandfather. She has dementia too and a few weeks ago my mum tolled me she was very clear (for her) and asked after me.

Last Saturday was another weird one. My father woke me up and after a few minutes of enjoying my bed I went downstairs and had breakfast. The weird thing about this was the fact that my father on that moment really woke me up and everything happened again, for real this time. But it felt so real the first time! Afterwards I had a strong feeling that I woke up twice that day!

Pictures by me, clouds above Ghent :)


  1. Dreams are wonderful! I love having dreams. They can be so fascinating, interesting and leave me feeling content and stimulated when I wake. Those mornings when you wake up a number of times from different dreams are fabulous. Your recent dreams are beautiful. A woman I love (but haven't heard from in a long time) made me a "dreamcatcher" to trap any nightmares where they would be burned off by the morning light. Some people keep pencil and paper by the bed to write their dreams down. I haven't done that (yet). The pictures of clouds in your post are lovely.

  2. You have such a lovely blog!! And you girls are so adorable, loving all of the photos you take. I had a dream today too, not very exciting, but I dreamt i woke up and it was 7pm and then I actually did wake up so I thought it was 7 but it was actually 10:30am.. haha i think it just shows how sleep deprived i was!

    Love from the NaNa girls x

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