31 Mar 2012

Lost and found

Back to art! Everybody knows Disney and (almost) everybody know Dali.
Now imagine a combination between the two of them!

That is what the intention years ago when Walt and Salvador where still alive they decided to make a shortfilm together. It was based on the song Destino (=Destination) from the Mexican Armando Dominguez. Dali's surrealistic characteristics are dominant in the film, but Disney is mostly recognisable because of the montage (resembling Disney's Fantasia).

Due financial problems the production was stopped in the forties. Years later, just after Fantasia was made cousin Roy Disney decided to go on with the project. They finished in 2003 but the movie was never showed in "public", just in big museums like Tate Modern and Moma. Finally, in 2011 the shortfilm was showed to a wider public by putting it on a DVD together with Fantasia. So if you want it, just buy the DVD. :)

Luckily for us there is something called youtube:

The opening part is my favourite, when the rock turns into a woman. It's a perfect example of Dali's typical metamorphoses and double image.

And another arty thing to end wiht:
Haha! :)
And it would be even better if they used the typical shots shots (close-up, medium shot, wide shot) Nah, that's just me being critical again!

source info: de standaard


  1. this blog is a good example of style and taste.

  2. i did not know that disney and dali had a collaboration, thank you!


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