5 Apr 2012

Blown away

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Totally blown away by Bershka, that's what I am! Yes, Bershka. I remember telling myself a few years ago, that I never ever would buy something from Bershka again after my pants ripped at the first day. Well, these great pieces make me forget about that! Aren't stunning? I'm gonna force myself to go in that store try on every thing from the above :D

Edit: Just bought the tiger dress, rawtch!
And the jacket is gorrgeous, just a little to orange for me.

PS Sorry for the bad quality, next time I'll pay attention to that.


  1. Nice pieces :)
    I like the brown blazer, really cool, and looove the cuff ♥

    Hope nothing happens to your new clothes, no rips. :)

    Thanks for your comment on my recent post, and I will tell my mom that you loved her vest the most! :D


  2. Bad quality or not, it doesn't matter! Love every single piece of it <3

    I want that tiger dress too, haha!

    Love, Denise

  3. Ik heb ook al gemerkt dat als je daar heel erg goed zoekt, je vaak wel een paar prachtstukken kan vinden! Gewoon niet laten afleiden door de veel te luide muziek en lelijke kleding die in de weg hangt ;)


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