30 Apr 2012

Our walks through the woods and parks

We were little girls who lived in a world of there own. We fantasized the most impossible things, but for us it all became real. We played between the threes and thought we lived with fairies, magical creatures and the leaves were falling when we laughed happily. We took long walks trough the woods and parks and we never doubted we would get apart. We often were together and shared our idea's.
Now that we graduated from high school there are less woods and parks, but though we're separated more then ever, the band of being close grow stronger. Our fantasy grows larger and we know that we still can do those walks in our woods much longer.


  1. You both are so pretty!! Amazing pics! ;)

  2. WAUW!
    Echt prachtige foto's.
    Liefs, xxx

  3. Oh my you are so beautiful with a great sense of style. Love your hair.


  4. Wauw, wat een mooie foto's!


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