23 Apr 2012

What I've been up to lately

Hello there!
Guess what I got last Friday :D
Flowers! Well, just one technically. But one enormous beautiful rose.
The occasion was a concert where I had to play. It was called 'Young talent'. With a strong accent on young and on talent. I felt like a granny between little Mozarts, whiz-kids. Yeah, no pressure...
Anyway, it went ok, I think. And this gorgeous flower was given to me, so I'm satisfied.

Saturday I went to a flee market in our village with Katrijn. After imagining the whole interior of my future house. (Think of a combination between the Cherry Blossom Girl and Pandora) And seeing the most horrible and beautiful things, I allowed myself and my wallet to buy one piece of beautiful, unnecessary rubbish. This is the result.
necklace H&M
We call it a bonbonnerie (coming from bonbons, if you didn't get the link). Perfect to store jewellery, candy, and other things! Not sure were I'll put it though.
I also could show you my new sunglasses from Li├Ęge, but I was too lazy to get them upstairs. Sorry about that. They're from Primark by the way, really cheap (like 1,50 euros!), and they have flowers. Spring coloured flowers: green, pink, yellow. Yay!

And further I learned myself to play the Healing Incantation from Tangled on the piano. (Ruby and I adore that movie!) The song wasn't that difficult to play luckily.
 But I cheat a bit, I often have to write the notes on the paper, especially in bas cleff.
Then I tried to play A Whole New World after watching Aladdin . (Who said Disney is just for kids?)
But it is for some reason way too difficult.
Mmm, I'd better take lessons for the piano. Once...
Now back to my own things. The flute! I'm drowning in work lately with my music exams coming so soon. And school exams too of course.
I have to play some weird, some colourful, some famous, some simple and many difficult pieces.
Now I'd better get started! See you next time, have a nice day  and all those things.

Love, Siel


  1. oh, dat piano stuk ziet er lastig uit! ik heb die H&M ketting ook! wat leuk :) x

  2. Haha! grappig! en die artieste kende ik helemaal niet. maar inderdaad, sommige bloemschilderijen lijken erg op m'n foto's... of andersom haha ;) x

  3. De foto's zijn prachtig. Ziet er als een lastig stukje uit.
    Liefs, xxx

  4. Lovely flower!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
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  5. Amazing post dear!
    Gorgeous blog! So inspiring! Following! Hope you'll follow me back! <3

  6. Gorgeous flower! Love the other pic`s also ;)

    PS thanks for your message :D

  7. that is a giant rose! and i love a whole new world


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