29 Apr 2012


I could talk about one thousand things and I don't know any of them at the moment.
I could talk about my week, about college, about things I like or hate.
But there is no inspiration, no time and no pictures.

I see my sister sitting outside now, the sun is shining brightly. And yet again, I'm here wasting my time on my computer, instead of studying as I should be, or at least enjoying the sun.

Now, just for fun, some random pics.

PS Sorry for the negative undertone. I'm not feeling down or something, I'm just in hmpf mood lately.


These two pictures where taken in March, when I was preparing for my first ball masqué. Friends Katrijn and Elleke joined and later we stepped on our pumpkin coach to the ball.

Then this was in the end of March:
ring H&M
The 31st of March, that date was marked in my agenda since long. It was the day that de invasie (the invasion) would come to Ghent. De invasie is a website that unites new designers, and it's one of my favourite webshops too! They took over de School Of Arts for a day and changed it in a market. I saw many great things (including my al time favourite cherry earrings from Elisa Lee). But since it's all available online I wasn't in a rush to buy something. Only a delicious apple crumble pie from Julie's House was hard to deny. Mmm, now I want a piece of pie!


  1. I really like the pictures :)
    You look so pretty in the mirror and the ring is nice! ;) x

  2. cute!!!


  3. Thank you for posting the fun random pics!
    You look fantastic as always. I too am inside
    on the computer on a gorgeous day when I should
    probably be outside. I've been feeling down but think
    I'm getting over my "Nikita obsession". Maybe I could
    use some of your hmpf :) That H&M
    ring is adorable. The artistry painted around the
    Black Balloon lettering is funny, and the last photo
    is fascinating! The pie sounds good to me too.

  4. Die ring is schattig.
    Liefs, xxx


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