27 Aug 2014

All white

Although the pictures may say the opposite, I'm getting really excited over here! And I've got so my reasons: just one more resit to go, in less than four days I'll be about 4000 kilometres further with my feet in the Atlantic ocean and my Nike ID's will arrive today! After Friday, I can finally enjoy the last weeks of summer without any obligations. No resits, no need for studying, no summer job, hoozay!

About the outfit, it's my first try on an all white look! Well technically not 'all' white, but you got the message. I like the result, but to be honest, it didn't really feel like me. An all white look creates such a clean, perfect image. Personally I like things to be a bit more casual and nonchalant. So I guess it'll be an all black look next time? Anyway, I'm too excited because of the reasons above to be bothered. 
Toodles, darlings!

blouse H&M - jeans Mango 
nail polish American Apparel (Neon red) - lipstick Dior (Addict 991 perfecto)

Edit: Today turned out even better than it was! I finally found the perfect black booties that I was looking for so long, the sweet cassière gave me a compliment about my red lipstick, I discovered an awesome cheap design store in my neighborhood and my Nike's have arrived! There was a big smile on my face during the whole way home haha! :D Oh snap, it's even still there!


  1. Nice outfit girl. You look great
    |e d i o t|

  2. Gaaf hoe jij je nagellak hebt! Ik moet ook nog op zoek naar de perfectie zwarte laarsjes maar het is zo moeilijk!

  3. Mooi! Ik hou van een hele witte outfit <3


  4. Wat een super gave outfit en leuke foto's!

  5. I love all white outfits. It's cool that the jeans still have a bit of blue at the waist, makes them very unique :)


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