6 Aug 2014


Yes, I admit it, I'm hopelessly in love with this dress. I always loved off shoulder tops and wide, swirly skirts, and this dress has both! It makes me feel all girly and playful. My mum calls it my princess dress, and my sister is even worse by calling me a barbie doll who belongs in a window display. But I don't really mind as long as I (and the boyfriend) like it! ^^

&Other Stories dress - vintage belt

PS. these picture reminded me a little too much of a certain Christian tradition we have here. So I had a little fun playing around and made a matching card. Lol.


  1. Your Other Stories "princess dress" is very pretty and wonderfully feminine - a beautiful Summer dress. The playful girliness you feel shows through in the fabulous photos. I love the mirror image photo and on the card you made it looks almost three dimensional like you're stepping right out of the photo.


    1. Well thank you. :) The last picture was supposed to look three dimensional so I'm very pleased to see it worked!

  2. Wat een schattige jurk!

  3. Schattig jurkje!
    Mooie foto's ook!

    Eva ♥


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