19 Aug 2014

Sporty chic, winter pastels

Yup, definitely approved!

Earlier I spoke about how our dear old JBC is an underrated brand in Belgian fashion. While giving a look on their a/w'14 collection I have to agree again. Come on, sporty chic, winter pastels and a dose of glam, that's spot on!
Also I'm getting sort of an addiction of winter coats, there are so many pretty ones lately! The pink one above for instance! Luckily I can use a new coat, so I get all the fun of being on a coat quest hehe. ^^

Current favourites:
All from JBC.


  1. nice post
    thanks for sharing these pieces
    e d i o t

  2. Those JBC fashions really are pretty. I love pink so naturally I like the pastel pink coat. The dress shown next to it is pretty and stylish too. I also like the pink scarf and the bird print pants.



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