12 Aug 2014


Same dress, different outfit. This dress looks completely different without a belt. Like a playful babydoll. It changes me in a free spirit that only wants to spin around and around!
Oh summer, please never end.


  1. That GIF of you in your Other Stories dress is delightful, capturing your playful, happy free-spirited mood nicely. A video of you dancing and twirling in it would make a good advertisement for the dress. The short fluttery sleeves, wide off-shoulder neckline, airy light look of its crinkly fabric, and large tiered long swirly babydoll style design are lovely and perfect for summer. I'd love to find a 22 inch long babydoll top designed like that. Your lawn and garden look beautifully maintained, green and healthy. Your hair looks gorgeous. You must be taking very good care of it. I hope you keep enjoying your summer and that it lasts longer for you.


    1. Well thank you! I wish you good luck with your search for that lovely top you're looking for!
      And psst, let me tell you a little secret. The key of a good looking garden, healthy hair and so on, is evening light! It's a sort of natural yellow filter that makes everything look good. :)

  2. Cute dress, beautiful pictures. Love it!

  3. Oh my! That dress is so beautiful!!!


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