3 Aug 2014

My own personalised shoes

Let me tell you a little story about shoes, sportive shoes that is.

I've never been a sneaker type. Yes, I do own a pair of all stars from when I was 14 years old and yes I still wear them occasionally when I need shoes that might get dirty, but that's about it. That mostly summarizes my sneaker history.
And then there is the sports shoes story, which is even worse. I used to detest those things. I'm not a very sporty person, never have and probably never will. The only time you could find some sport shoes on my feet was during gymnastics at school. And even then against my will. The only thing I could think of was how ugly and huge they were.
You'll understand that I viewed the upcoming sneaker trend of the past years with suspicion. But surprisingly I slowly started to appreciate those low white all stars and even the Nike free runs. After working in a big sports store this holiday, and seeing those kind of shoes all around me, I started considering a pair of my own...

Exploring time! I spent a while searching on the internet for the sportive shoe of my dreams. Pretty soon I stumbled on this pair. Instant love. But since I strongly believe in real life fitting I decided to try on a similar pair first. And guess what, there appears to be a Nike store right next to the store I worked, that's handy! So I tried on a pair I thought (as a Nike noob) to be similar. And then the big shock came, they made me walk heavenly! Like my feet were two soft, comfy clouds. You can imagine where this is going. These little wonders appeared to be another model, the lunarglide, not the free run. And when I tried on the free run (with some help of the salesman), I was really disappointed. No comfy cloud feet this time, but an awkwardly wide part at the toes instead. Soooo what to do now? Order a not so comfy but beautiful pair of free runs or personalize my own heavenly comfy lunarglides?
Well, I choose the latter and present you: my own personalized pair of Nike ID lunarglides! They will arrive by the end of August and I honestly can't wait! Normally they will arrive just on time for my holiday, hooray!


  1. ik gebruik lunarglides voor het hardlopen, ze lopen inderdaad heerlijk, maar het schijnt niet zo goed voor je voeten te zijn als je hardloopschoenen als gewone loopschoenen gebruikt. Maar ja het is wel de trend nu inderdaad ;). Supertof dat je ze kon personaliseren!

    1. Echt waar? De verkoper in de winkel zei net van wel! Vooral voor mensen met platvoeten, door de speciale kussentjes aan de binnenkant van je voet. Maar dat kon natuurlijk ook een verdraaid verkoopspraatje zijn.. :/


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