16 Jun 2010

Alice in Wonderland Disney couture

We loove Alice in Wonderland
and we loove disney couture !
Do you understand the reason that this post is made? ;)

(you can find everything on asos)

Keyhole ring

Queen of hearts earrings

Queen of hearts necklace

Alice in wonderland necklace
Queen of hearts crown stud earrings (now €12,25!)
Purple with gold plated flower face ring
(now €12,50!)

Madhatter engraved necklace
(see also the ring in the previous post!)

14ct gold plated black keyhole stud earrings
silver plated triple stack teacup rings
pff long names!

Oxidized silver plated 'drink me' glass vial necklace
(easy to DIY )
Silver plated Cheshire cat ring

prices between €12 and €180


  1. Vooral die Queen of Hearts en Alice in Wonderland kettingen zijn supermooi!Maar mijn hart zal altijd toebehoren aan die schatkistring van Disney Couture en die ketting met het kasteel op^^

  2. I love asos. Nice things :)

  3. That keyhole ring is awesome!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. Dawwww, i like the Cheshire cat ring and the keyhole ring best :D xxxxx


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