12 Jun 2010

ZARA Dress

This is a dress from Zara. I like it a lot and it suits perfectly! Unfortionately they had'nt got it in my size in my regular Zara. I want to look into the Zara of Antwerp or maybe Turnhout. [To the Belgian readers:] Please tell me if you 've seen it there! That will make it a lot easyer for me :)



  1. I love the dress, tool I wish you good luck, I hope you find it :)

  2. I fell in love with that dress, I'll have to go and check if I can get it! :) By the way, I didn't know about "Lost in Austen", so thank you thank you thank you 'cause I'm so excited about watching it now :)

  3. Great dress! It looks like it would be perfect for summer.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. Aww i really like the dress! Hopefully you'll find it in a different Zara soon! xxxxxx

  5. Ik heb het vandaag in Gent gezien ^^ Heb je natuurlijk niets aan :p

  6. Gah, Zara dresses are beautiful!

  7. Yeah it seem to be very funy to "colaborate" with your best friend for the blog project. It's may more complicated (like you don't live in the same neighbourhood) but I love that concept! Good contination.

    Love that dress BTW, hope that you could find it in the right size!

    See you :)

  8. I love denimdresses, and that one is one of my favourites.


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