24 Jun 2010


We are tagged by Rebecca from it's cohen ! Thank you very much :)

The questions:
1)Cats or dogs?
Ruby: cats & dogs
Siel: dogs
2)What is your favourite quotation of all time?
Ruby: up and down up and down, why can't we recover like that

3)I need to download more music! Which one artist do you recommend?
Ruby: Evelyn Evelyn, Emilie Autumn, Sountrack from how to train your dragon (forbidden friendship, test drive, LMC, My skinn from Natalie Merchant, ...
 Siel: now I'm into Caro Emerald and Laura Janssen and also the music from 'How to train your dragon' and 'Enchanted'
4)What was the last thing you bought?
Ruby: mm that's been a while :(
Siel: a beautiful H&M skirt with a black and brown pattern together with some make-up from wet'nwild
5)What is your vice?
Siel: The computer distracts me to much! Mostly when I have to study. And I have a tic with my hair that I urgently have to stop. And I'm a chocolate-addicted, but that isn't negative is it? 

6)Do you dream in colour?
Ruby: I do ^^
Siel: Yes, in what else ? รถ
7)Write a haiku about the last half hour of your life.
Do you mind if we skip this question ?:p
8)Take a photo of the first thing you see when you look to your left.
Ruby: you don't wanne see that XD I'm painting my nail at the moment xD
Siel: It's funny because I'm painting my nails too right now, and we are not together :p 
(first Siel, then Ruby)

By the way we're just back from our little holiday of three days to the Ardennen :) Pictures will follow soon!


  1. I love this posts. You both are so sweet. I love this tagg :-*
    Beautys :-*

  2. Lovely answers! Cant wait to see the photos you've taken! xxxxx

  3. Thanks, they are really beautiful :)

  4. Thanks for answering! How odd that you were both painting your nails :p



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