13 Jun 2010

Emilie Autumn, Tealamp

I just found this out a few day ago. Don't you love it. I'm going to make it myself too I guess. (one day XD )

She also made the "queen of hearts" hat, and all the costumes she (and her crumpets) wear.

A Picture of her wearing it. And beneath  some other beautiful pictures. 



  1. This is so cool! I love the tea lamp idea.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. Inspiration, love it. And I would say, that your Header is so great. Everytime when I visit your Blog, I think, "wow what a wondeful header" Love you two! :-*

  3. What a fab "tea" lamp. I wonder if it would make the room smell like fresh tea when it heats up.

  4. I like all these photos-i want the ship in the first photo :) xxxxx

  5. Hello Siel!
    Answering your question about my nail polish... it isn't matte. I think the flash gave this effect in the photo. Here in Brazil, this matte nail polishes are a hit, but I didn't used them yet. I'll buy some colours to try, then I post. Are they a trend it in Belgium too?


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