12 Jun 2010

Unicorn Hat

here I'm presenting the Unicorn Hat.
Most of the people I know don't like it that much.
I tried to order it but I haven't got paypal, so bad luck.

Don't you think it's adorable?
And this is a Picture of Emilie Autumn wearing it. (She my biggest inspiration, next to Alice in wonderland. She a singer, songwriter, performer...  and I love her story and songs. You should look her up!)

I adore this hat! =) And so should you!

Loves Ruby


  1. Such an original hat. I'll never wear it but it's very cute!

  2. I would like to have one for myself! It's divine! so original and cute ;)

  3. I think I wouldn't wear it, but only because I haven't enough courage! Really lovely hat :-*

  4. WOW is this the unicorn hat you were talking about (i meant to ask you about it, hehe :D)?? I think it's brilliant, where can i get one!??

  5. It's so quirky! I think it is adorable.


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