20 Jul 2010

a blog award

Good news! I'm back from Portugal ! Photos will follow soon ;)
And more good news: We got a blog award! Thank you very much Kaya!

1. Answer the question : "What do you like the most about your own blog?"

I like the fact that we can create our own world. We open a door for the things we like and the things we don't like are locked out. This space is really ours. We can be ourself and talk about stuff we like, knowing that here only come people who are interested in it.

2. Pass this award to other lovely ladies:

Paris and London - The Mad Twins
Rebecca - It's Cohen
Carys - La Ville Inconue
Caroline - Ergyerg
Courtney - Sartorial Sidelines

(The answer is just from me, cause Ruby is still unattainable far away.)
And now I'm gonna shop my first summer sales this year in Belgium ^^
Love you all! Siel


  1. Thank you so much for the tag! Can't wait to see your holiday photos (:

  2. Yayyy well done to you both!!! Thanks sooo much for passing the award on to me too, was very kind :D


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