1 Jul 2010

a Whole New Universe

With this final part of pictures of Ruby in the Ardennen I say you goodbye, and no don't worry I'm not gonna die, I'm going on a holiday !  I'm off to Portugal for two weeks. Please be kind to Ruby, it's hard enough for her without me ;)  For who's still interested I'm going to obidos for a week and to odiáxere for the other week. I have never been in Portugal before (altough I've been in Spain) so I'm excited ^^

well I wish you guys to have a great vacations too 
and I continue packing
Bye !


dress Jutka & Ritska (vintage)


  1. I love these pictures, they're so cool!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. you look so thrilled in these photos. really cute! have a wonderful time in portugal

  3. ik kan het wel aan hoor sielie Ö


  4. Now this must have been fun! :D
    Enjoy the holiday!

  5. Thznk you all :) it was indead great! Now I'm still at an hotel (in Spain in think?) but I'll be home tomorrow night so I can post again over two days :) I have a lot pictures to share !


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