22 Jul 2010

Portugal week 1

Hi guys, here are finally the photo's of my holiday in Portugal. I took a while to select the ones that I wanted to show you! I'm gonna show them in two posts becouse I went two weeks. Well, let's start!

This was our first house (we allways rent a house). I don't know the name of the village but it was near Obidos. I felt a bit wired there cause it was a place full of new houses. It was a piece of nature before and now it's a village with all kind of tourist residences.

(But It was a beautiful house)

Obidos, a midieval city, kept like it was for the tourists

The typical blue/white tiles at the entrance

Trying to catch a lemon, but no, it was too high.

Very hot day!
(skirt and top from C&A, sandals from WE)

showing my new shoes from ZARA

These tiny streets have got a name, but I can't remember it..

The metro stations where beautiful, like this tile-artwork. They told me that it are remainders of the world expo.

(the straw bag is vintage)

It was way to hot outside so we went to the aquarium were it was cooler. This is an enormous sunfish, he was so cool! Although it was a bit sad to see that heavy animal passing by.

a very cute lazy otter ^^

Octopussy :p

and finally , me with a fish. Hmm we got the same eyes -_-

Well I hoped you enjoyed this, see you next time!


  1. Gorgeous pictures. I'm reallyin love,mydears. :-*

  2. soo wonderful! the pictures look great :)

  3. awesome pcs !
    your floral skirt is fantastic!

  4. ah, im so jealous! i was just talking about portugal today with some coworkers. want to go!

    [and dont we all want a 2k mulberry bag?? i love that blue croc one i posted too!! so gorgeous and timeless]

  5. Wow I so want to go. I am so pleased they have kept their past for the enjoyment and education of tourists and students.

  6. I like the Lazy Sea Otter Picture jcangelcraft


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