23 Jul 2010

Portugal week 2

So the second week!

Our second house! This is in Odiaxère (near Lagos).
Above you can see a small blue line, that's the sea. Between the sea and our house whas just a very dry landscape.

and we had lemon trees in the garden! That was really wonderful after trying so hard to get a lemon the first week :p

and I looved the pool, one big pool just for us :)

The beautiful cathedral, it was one of the most beautiful I've ever seen! Even prettier than Saint-Chapelle in Paris
a gargoyle(waterspuwer) that is still intact

and then the most beautiful part, the chapel

leaving with my dad

a famous Portuguese pilgrimage
Here was I wearing my dark blue linen pants. I feel always chill when I'm wearing that pants. Funny how much clothes change your image.

(my dad wanted me to stand like that hmpf)


boat trip. I'm sitting next to my sister

change to a smaller boat

and this was the view

again with my sis

it was a the little tongue of Portugal. The point that is the most far in the sea. I don't know exacly how to explain it.

Afterwards my hair was a mess. I wass really afraid to comb my hair then :p

another cliff

eventually I went till about 2 metres from the sea

And we ate later in a little reastaurant with view on the sea.

Well, I hope you enjoyed watching my holiday pics!
Bye Siel x


  1. Siel you're so beautiful! I love the pictures and your hair mess :)

  2. So cool! And the lemmon trees are really great :) Wish you bonnes vacances!

  3. stunning photos and gorgeous hair!!!xx

  4. Wow, what a beautiful place, these photos are lovely!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  5. Aw fun, sun, sand and sea <3

  6. how are you?
    it seems you're having a great time there
    those photos are awesome, and you look so pretty too
    the view in Lagos is amazing


  7. @Marley
    Thank you so much Marly! That's so kind of you. And The view was indeed amazing. Sorry for answering here but I can't get on your blog :s



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