29 Jul 2010

extra part Portugal

I forgot to show you a few more pics of my holiday. They're taken by friends of ous who joined ous on the journey.
This is definetely the final part (I hope you're not sick of it  yet).

the red nails are mine of course ;)
Love this pic! :) (me sitting in front, my big sis behind me)
It was NOT planned to go turn and go backwards. But I have to admit, it made things more exciting!

Oh god, now I see all these pics I want to go back in the slides! It was so fun!
It was the Slide and Splash by the way. A quite popular park their. (There where a loot people!) Probably because the weather was perfect for it. But we never had to wait very long for an attraction.


  1. Your face is really sweet and beautiful. And I love these pictures, looks like really,really much fun :)

  2. The first three photos are so pretty! Looks like you had loads of fun at the water park place!


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