21 Jul 2010

Did you smell that too?

Chanel n° 5 is like you all now a legendary perfume. Across the years it has been promoted by several famous women. I'll show you the campaign photos!

Marilyn Monroe

When movie star Marilyn Monroe, asked in 1953 what she wore at night, famously replied, "Five drops of Nº 5." there was no stopping of the success of »Chanel Nº 5« which continues till today.

The actress/singer/model was probably the first model of the perfume.

Catherine Deneuve

Catherine Deneuve was a French actress who became famous in the mid sixties. She was the model of Chanel in the eighties.  There is a miserable commercial of her promoting the perfume, but it's too unproffesional I think

Vanessa Paradis

Now I cheat a bit, cause madame Paradis was the model for the fragrance Coco Chanel. And there also was a small movie.

Carole Bouquet
The commercial (but it's french spoken)
Carole is again a french actress but she's an ex-bondgirl too and she even had a small roll in Sex and The City.

Estella Warren

Estella is a Canadian swimmer/model/actress. She could have swim (swom?swommen? How the hell do you say this??) on the olympic games but she chose for a model carrier.
You can see now that the commercials are getting better. This one is really enchanting, I love it!

Nicole Kidman

I guess I don't have to explain who she is.  :) The allknown commercial  No. 5 The Film was the most expensive and longest commercial ever. It has costed 10 million for the those three famous minutes.

Keira Knightley
Again not Nr 5 but Coco Mademoiselle this time. Anyway she belongs in this line. And I don't have to explain who she is either. (by the way Keira has been Ruby's idol for years, she has made hundreds of drawings of her :)  The commercial. (music by the great singer Joss Stone)

Audrey Tautou

Famous from the great movie Amélie Poulain and chosen for this campaign cause she was Coco Chanel in the movie (here is the trailer) and than the wonderful commercial. (finally good quality)

and I found a little movie of Tim Duquette, it's a kind of parody on the movie Perfume and Chanel N°5

This where a looot movies I know but they're all great! And I don't know either how to show the whole movie in a post so it are just links I'm sorry !

Pfoe this was a lot work, I'm happy I'm done! But it was worth it
I'll see you at the next post !


  1. Gorgeous post. Chanel is my absolutely favorite. You're so great and thanks for this :)

  2. Oh, this post is very well. I love chanel and i do have a favour for those capaigns. I liked to watch the commercials on youtube and Vanessa's is my favourite.

  3. Great collection of ad campaigns -- stunning!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. Amazing post! I thoroughly loved it 3especially the Nicole Kidman campaign. Just stunning, romantic, perfect!

  5. No5 ruikt zo lekker, maar het is ook zo duur...
    Ik heb de film Coco Avant Chanel een tijdje geleden in de bioscoop gezien, ik vond het zo'n mooie film, erg inspirerend.
    Wie speelde Carole Bouquet dan in Sex and the City? Ik heb laatst de hele serie gekeken, maar ik kan me haar zo niet herinneren.
    Oh ja, ik hoop dat je het niet erg vindt dat ik steeds in het Nederlands reageer :$.


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