30 Jul 2010


I've had an amazing time in London. I saw a lot but it was exhaustive though. Four days walking around from the morning till the evening. We where staying in the Pax Lodge in London. That's a world centre for girls scouts. My uncle works in the same business so it's easy for him to book something like that. (For those who don't know I went with my Uncle/godfather and his family)
So I hope you'll enjoy my photo's (and that your not sick of all those holidaypics meanwhile)!
There will follow a post with purchases and probably one with places to be.

(London's Time Square ;)

Little Big Ben.

Many beautiful cars.

Beautiful buildings.

A guard.

Changing of the guard with a mass of people.

Better places when they come back.

Beautiful show windows near Harrod's.

Tree made of pencils.

Piano made of cassettes

Car made of little horses

Dress made of  clothespins

Founded some Banksy-art by accident
(I'll tell you more about him once)

Camden town at night near sluices, really a place to be! But hard to take pictures of.

The bridge beside the tower bridge. With an endless flood of business people going to the metro.

You can see little dots on the bridge. Those are all people going home from work

Tower Bridge


London Eye.

View from the Tower Bridge.


  1. I love London (: I did my work experience near Tower Bridge!
    Banksy is an absolute genius!


  2. gorgeous pictures of london! I love that you have a nice time :)

  3. ik hou van Londen ik ben van plan daar voor een paar jaartjes te gaan wonen :)

  4. thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment

    London looks dazzling!

    The Sweetest Escape

  5. Dank je voor jullie comments!
    En ik was vergeten hoe prachtig Londen wel niet is.
    Ik wil meteen terug! :D

    x Krizia


  6. Nice pictures, your motive ideas are great! I love London,but it's too dangerous for me because of the left-hand traffic^^

  7. Thank you for your comment in my blog, so lovely. England is also home to us. Love, the pictures...


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