24 Jul 2010


My boughts:

Beautiful wedges from Zara in Portugal (They were standing a long time on my wishlist)
A sunny from the H&M in Antwerp. And the book was with the cosmopolitan. And I liked it, so romantic! :D

H&M skirt from Port. Beautiful print isn't it?

H&M top also from Portu

I like those very cheap sales! (think just a few euros)
So this where my boughts till now :) This morning I've left to London for four days (with my uncle and his family). I don't think there will be a lot of shopping -cause I'm the only girl execpt for my aunt- but I'll try. I'm definetely want to go to Topshop and Dahlia will be great to, or Primark, or Miss Selfridge! Oh god I'm hoping too hard I guess. Anyway it's my first time in London so it will be great :)
Bye ! Siel


  1. THese are great choices, have fun :)

  2. ooh youre making me want to go shopping so bad! ive been so good lately too :)


  3. Dat hemdje van de H&M vind ik ook erg leuk! De tekst is zo grappig :). Ik was vorig jaar in Londen en toen ben ik ook even bij Top Shop binnen geweest. De prijs viel me wel erg tegen... Jane Norman is trouwens ook een erg leuke winkel in Londen (in Nederland verkopen ze dat merk ook in de V&D).


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