31 Jul 2010

Place to be in London

These are places that you really need to see when your in London. Places where I was really impressed of. (I kept it short;)

Liberty is a very chic shop. It's comparable with Harrods but less excessive. And unlike Harrods, are they really friendly, even for tourists! The Liberty-building is very (medieval)old with several floors. At each floor you can find something. Like on the first floor accesoires, jewelry and handbags and the second floor clothes. The items they sell are really expensive (allkind designers) but it's worth to take a look there. Like I said they are very friendly. While my aunt was buying a book for her mother -14pounds, not everything is expensive there- she saw something original that she liked and she asked if we could take a picture of it. The salesman was very enthousiastic and offert to take a picture of ous with it. :p He kept affirm to take a picture of "you and your daughter" it was quit funny actually! 
Liberty, Great Marlborough Street, London (near Regent St)

You can find Anthropologie in Regent Street, among the many other shops. First you think it's not that special  (except for the beautiful clothes) untill you go further. Then you notice the original decoration all over the shop. Pieces of bottles hanging on the ceiling, a wall of tropical plants, ... You got to see this place! The prices are mostly between 50 pounds and 150 pounds for clothes.
(pictures: anthropologie.eu)
 Anthropologie, Regent Street, London
The first time I'd pass this shop they where standing in line to go inside! (There are just two shops of it, it's pretty exclusive) Normally I wouldn't go in this store -I thought it was a bit a snobbrand- but my nephews wanted to go inside. Luckily the time we came back (on a mondaymorning not saturday afternoon) we didn't have to stand in line. When we get in two handsome men opened the doors for us and then we arrived in a lilbrary-ish room, all dark with spots on the closets. It was quite impressive! Eventually it seemed less snob than I thought but still a little bit. Again excensive, prices around 50 and 100 pounds. But you don't have to buy anything, just take a look. (By the way the clothes where ok, I saw a few beautiful things but just nothing special)
(pictures from google)

Atmospheric places:

Camden Town sluices (right word?) 
A very pleasant place. Recommended to visit in the evening. You can come here with your friends ore lover and enjoy the atmosphere. There are restaurants and cafes that care of a bit back-ground music or just take your guitar with you. The only negative thing is that it's damn hard to take pictures, or maybe it's just my camera.
Camden Town stables market
In the daytime it's also nice to visit Camden Town, especially the stables. It's a pleasant place with little shops everywhere mostly placed in stables. This makes it al very cosy. Here you see all cultures from Moroccan to Japanese, from hippies to goths, everything. And no worries if you're hungry you can eat snacks all over the places and at the main street, a few metres further, are many restaurants.
(My gosh, I'm really into this promoting London xD)

You can get here easily by metro or bus.


  1. I love Liberty so much (: I've always avoided Abercrombie and Fitch, but I guess I'll get my photo taken with the models one day :p They do the best chinese food at Camden :D

  2. love the photos, nice places :)

  3. Glad to see you're enjoying London, even though I live here I actually haven't been to a few of these places, thanks for the tip!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  4. Thanks for the tips! I agee with that what you say about Abercrombie. My friend wanted to visit the store and we searched it more than an hour! At the end it was quite "nothing special":)


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